Wednesday, November 02, 2005

World Usability Day

That's right, this Thursday (3rd Nov) sees the world rejoice as we celebrate all that is wonderfully designed in a huge orgasm of appreciation for the award-winning designers who make it all possible (or something). But are we ready for such a day? Tom Stewart, usability expert and managing director at System Concepts doesn't seem to think so ( His reasoning is understandable; yes, progress has - and is continuing to be - made in good design, citing the iPod as a classic example. But are we getting ahead of ourselves? Surely we have to achieve more than simply having an intuitive way to select our mp3s on the move? I would agree. The amount of potentially avoidable hastle we as consumers have to bear each day is reason enough to think twice about progress. Maybe World Usability Day is less of a celebration and more of a catalyst; a unifying protest against bad design, somehow awakening the sleepy sub-conscious to rebel against inconvenience. I say yes. Even if only a handful of companies and organisations take note, that is a major plus for consumers as competition will only drive progress in usability further, hopefully creating some kind of usable utopia (again, or something). Maybe then we will be ready for World Usabiltiy Day.

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