Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Cough, splutter etc

I don't know whether it was my flu-like symptoms making me delerious, but I got to thinking, is there any way that technology might be able to help me out? Pondering this over a strepsil and a cup of hot water, I remembered; NHS Direct. I've just finished diagnosing myself and it turns out that I should "...stop whining and blow my nose." Ok, so I'm not ill enough to warrant use of this service, but it could make the difference between somebody not acting upon symptoms they were unsure about.

The service itself is pretty basic: choose where on your body the problem is from a diagram and answer a series of questions to help you better understand what is wrong. If your questions result in an answer that is deemed 'serious' enough, it will advise you to call the NHS Direct phone service for more comprehensive advice. The only problems I can see with regard to this being an interactive service is that it is too embeded within the website; it feels cluttered and slightly distracting. You are able to click on many links that would take you away from the diagnosis proceedure, which some how seems to lessen the experience. Perhaps if it were a standalone page or Flash file, a more involving and clean looking experience could be created.


Click 'Self Help Guide' to get to the diagnosis bit

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