Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Picking bones with phones

My Nokia 6250 poses an 'interesting' design concerning it's main navigation control. The control works in a north/south/east/west fashion, with the 'select' function being slightly sunken into the center. Making a selection with this phone can be a nightmare - countless times have I wished to select one option only to move the cursor by mistake and end up with a completely different result; sending a text to the wrong person, deleting a message I just recieved or some similar mishap. It seems like a strange design choice; an over-sensitive navigation control coupled with a very indistinct selection button... perhaps I just have a poorly designed thumb, eh?

Another Nokia example now, this time the 3260. This phones whole styling was very different to other models before and since, but the main interaction element - the keypad - has (what I consider) to be an unnecessarily confusing layout, with six buttons instead of nine. I appreciate the idea but there are more conventional ways of breaking conventions.

Just had frustrating experience - did a comment try to preview it - it wouldn't preview and when I returned my comment had vanished - now I will have to remember it - it was actually about this sort of thing - how intolerant mobiles often are of human error - i often have to start interactive sequences from the very beginning again because I can't just go back one stage - this is like Donalds Normans ideas about designing for error - because people do make mistakes -

Also good title.
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